Sept 25-27 2020, Red Barn Event Centre

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REMINDER: Bring your Height Card to the Regionals Trial. You will be required to show it at Registration.

Friday Sept 25, 2020 AAC Sanctioned Trial

This is a regular Sanctioned AAC Trial with Titling available for any Master Level Dog. Also any level dog may compete for the Runs for Money events but must run FEO (Starters and Advanced dogs)
Fees: All Runs for the Money Fees & Steeplechase are $23.00 per run
Single Jumpers and Standard Runs Not entered in the Runs for Money are $18.00
Warm Up Runs (Max Two per dog ) 10.00 each

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Ring 2 -Judge Christine Mandy
Steeplechase 1
Master Standard

Ring 3 -Judge Brenda Juskow
Steeplechase 2
Master Gamble
***Rings run simultaneously

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Regionals Event Sept 26 & 27, 2020

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Credit Card Co charge 5% for this service

Make Check Payable to:
K9 Klubhouse Dog Services
Mail to
West Regionls Trial Secretary
738 Edgeood Rd. Pickering, On L1V 2Z6
This entry will not be processed until check is received and deposited.

Email to
Answer is: owr2020

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