Sept 25-27, 2020, Red Barn Event Centre


Volunteer Application

Just has to be right !!

Full Day Positions

Check all that apply

Gate Steward: Ensures exhibitors are ready at the gate & in the correct order.
Chief Ring Steward: In charge of assigning ring crew; Dealing with all issues concerning their ring and between
competitors and judge; equipment issues +
Timer: Times the dogs’ runs using electronic timing & setting times as needed
Scorer: Records judge’s scores per competitor clearly & legibly

Full Day or Less Positions

Check all that apply

Ring Crew: Sets bars & contacts as required, ensures tunnels and all equipment is safe for competitors for each run
Leash Runner: Takes leash from start to finish without disturbing dog/exhibitor
Scribe Assistant: Hands scribe correct scribe sheet, and gives to sheet runner
Score Sheet Runners : Transports scribe sheets from ring to Scorer
Course Builder: Assists the Chief Course Builder with putting obstacles in the correct position as indicated by course map (at the end of each day only)
OTHER: Set Up; Tear Down; Registration; Warm-ups; Scorer Tent; Parking

EG: previous volunteering, run in agility

All volunteers get a volunteer shirt, lunch, and snacks

Anything else we need to know